Who I am
"Words are a constant source of enthusiasm."
My name is Arnaud Bernard and I am a near bilingual French national living in the UK. I have been a linguist for as long as I can remember: literary arts just seem to be my thing.
Growing up, my heroes were the Jean-Paul Sartre, Émile Zola and Oscar Wilde of the world - a natural inclination for language that later spread to English and Spanish. I went on to graduate in Applied Modern Languages and International Business.
Most of my 20-year career has been in professional translation. I have particular insight into the areas of Law, Marketing, Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility, New Technologies & AI and Food & Hospitality. I have done work for companies large and small, including major brands - see my Clients page for details.
Words are a constant source of enthusiasm. There is nothing I would rather do but work with them, day in, day out.
To find out if I am the right person for your project, let's have a chat!
What I do
"I translate and adapt concepts for your target French-speaking market and chosen media, focusing on cultural relevance."
When I translate, I look to express your ideas in a way that totally matches the French psyche, making all necessary cultural adjustments and changes along the way. This means your translation reads as if it were originally written in French, and uses communication attributes, behavioural patterns and social values that the French naturally relate to.
How do I do that? I make sure that what you are selling or saying to your French readers triggers in them the same emotions and response as your original English product or message.
I translate general and commercial documents as a matter of course but have particular insight into the following areas, which reflect both my professional and personal interests:
- Law | family, commercial, IP, tax, EU
- Marketing | press releases, digital content, marcom, branding, social media
- Sustainability & CSR | sustainable development, health & safety, quality certification
- New Technologies & AI | deep learning, big data, blockchain, profiling
- Food & Hospitality | tourism, leisure, catering, food hygiene, packaging
Like it or not, this time, the machines are truly rising. Post-editing is the process of ‘fixing’ Machine Translation (MT) output to bring it closer to human translation standards. While still in its infancy, Post-editing allows for large volumes of technical content to be 'translated' much faster. The human touch is still very much needed, especially to achieve publishable quality. This said, there is little doubt in my mind that Post-editing is here to stay, so I have decided to embrace the discipline by training accordingly. If the content you are looking to have translated is suitable for Post-editing and matches my skill set, chances are I can help. 
Content creation has entered the era of digital precedence and consumer relevance. Just think of how many devices and how many content platforms we all use to satisfy our hunger for content, and you will know what I am on about. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, Linkedin – it makes no difference: content needs to be good, genuine, varied, fun, educational and channel-specific. In other words, in the right format and worthy of our time.
proofread your French content for accuracy, spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency, formatting and style. Upon request, I can also help with editing and look to improve overall expression, use sharper language, enhance readability and ensure higher impact. 
If you need a French specialist for your project, do not hesitate to get in touch.
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